PROJECT: Forty holiday apartments on two floors with private gardens, common areas with a central green area, swimming pool and parking. The total size of the buildings is about 3,500 sq.m .
LOCATION: Pigi village, municipality of Arkadi, Rethymnon, Crete.
CLIENT: Kreta Eiendom s.a.
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Skandalis Stefanos, architect
STRUCTURAL DESIGN: Tzanakakis Ioannis, civil engineer
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL DESIGN: Pesdemiotis Ioannis, electrical engineer
CONSTRUCTION: ikodomi technical s.a.
CONSTRUCTED: 2002-2003

The plot is slightly sloping and has a view to the sea. The size of the  plot of land is approximately 11,000 sq.m. It is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, located 10 km from the city of Rethymno. The southern side of the complex borders with the Rethymno – Arkadi road, while the north and west of the complex border with municipal roads.

The complex comprises forty (40) independent properties in total area of 3500 sq.m., common areas, central green area, swimming pool, barbecue and parking. The apartments are as a rule on one floor. The ground floor apartments have private gardens while those on the first floor have terraces.
The close proximity of the apartments to each other and the lack of high fences between the properties create  a "neighborhood" feeling that helps to enhance human relations, while the central green area acts as a large courtyard that unifies the whole complex.

The materials that dominate are simple τριπτά plaster in earthy tones and the local limestone (from two pits) in beige and red.

Respect for natural terrain and the use of Mediterranean flora in landscaping complete an idea that aims to respect the natural environment and creates harmony in buildings and in the hearts of people.


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