Hotel in Elounda - Private Suites of Elounda

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Skandalis Stefanos, architect
STRUCTURAL DESIGN: Tzanakakis Ioannis, civil engineer
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL DESIGN: Pesdemiotis Ioannis electrical engineer
CONSTRUCTION: ikodomi technical s.a.

Five star apartment hotel on a plot of  land with total areaof 37121.38 sq.m., located outside of the village of Elounda in "Tsifliki" area, Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi Prefecture.

The hotel consists of:
The main building
Complex of 28 apartments
Private pools of the 28 apartments
A common swimming pool

The total constructed size of the complex is: 3685.37 sq.m. The basement is 1077.22 sq.m. and ground floor 114.57 sq.m.

The property is located in a small valley with a slight slope (5%), south of the Elounda-Plaka road, which is about 80 meters away and near Tsifikli building complex (the distance from the closest point of this property is about 65 meters).

The hotel has mainly south - eastern orientation with a view to the Elounda bay. There is no visual contact with the Venetian fortress of SPINALONGA. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, with low bushes (lentisk) and trees (carob), combined with olives (old and new). The ground is mainly red with rocky outcrops from the typical local gray-red stone.
The layout of the buildings allows all the rooms to have unobstructed views of the Elounda bay, while the bushes (lentisk), trees (olives, carob) and the stone walls of the land are preserved as much as possible and are incorporated in the building complex.

The habitation is based on three arches. One of its sides (backside) is made of local stone as a direct reference to Venetian fortifications and local stone walls. (Residential walls). The layout of the buildings is based on pure Euclidean geometry (square, rhombus) and the whole complex is developed around courtyards with pools and water features – a reference to the Mediterranean architecture.

The main building consists of three sections (administration, reception and relaxation). It is laid on two levels: in the basement there are the auxiliary rooms and shops and on the ground floor there is reception, lounge, dining room and rest-rooms.

The floor plan of the main building is based on clean geometric shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle) at low altitude. Accompanied by an outdoor freeform swimming pool in the centre of the relaxation area.

The materials used on the facades  are alternately stone and plaster and the colours are in earthy shades.

All  large openings (with the view) are mostly recessed and covered with wooden pergolas.

A quote from the famous Greek architect Panos Koulemou characterises the  general architectural "philosophy" of the project:

 “the architectural elements I use are fundamentally mnemonic, that is, they evoke a memory of formal associations. We use architectural forms to evoke memory. [...]These building are all basically symbols that evoke the memory of different historical typologies. The connection with history is made through memory, not through stylistic repetition. Here, a person experiences the space, then is reminded of memory of form”



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